Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Couture for you??

I was woundering today as I picked up a grocery bag filled with my dresses and skirts from one of the stores I conssign at, "Did Betsy Johnson go through the same shit as I am, were The dresses I make are Too Couture to be in a boutique?"
This isnt the first time sone one has to me my dresses were to couture or high fashion! That isn't the problem though I want to make high fashion, couture dresses! Yet I would like to make them for others to buy not just for myself and my friends! Well I suppose beggers cant be chosers.


  1. couture? do you mean like to high end or something or too expensive? personally i like stuff you can tell aint crappy, its a good thing in my opinion.

  2. they ment to high end, the prices are just right.